Our Story

Our Story

Thrive Commercial Partners was created out of a passion to do things differently, even counter culturally. Sam, Helen, and Logan already had remarkably successful careers in commercial real estate, with over 50 years of combined experience. They shared a common goal of living every sector of life aligned with their values, and seeing their clients empowered to do the same.

Sam and Helen moved to Colorado Springs in the late 90’s, and quickly became established as a commercial real estate (CRE) power couple. They began partnering with Logan in 2017. The colleagues became fast friends, and quickly realized that their unique backgrounds and experience would form the dream team. All 3 partners bring CRE acumen in office, retail, industrial and vacant land markets and property management.

From fostering a familial team culture to treating every client with respect and kindness, these friends quickly realized the powerful potential of birthing a company grounded on their mutual values. Their vision to create a company that fully embodied their desire to see people, businesses and communities truly thriving drove them to form Thrive Commercial Partners in March, 2020.

Names Left to Right: Michael Paul, Katy Fry, Stephen Swiatek, Logan Harrison, Sam Cameron, Helen Cameron

Culture Matters

Culture Matters

It’s the intangibles of trust, respect, and integrity that people remember, and that each Thrive team member has come to be known by. Doing the right thing each time and earning (and keeping) trust is paramount to us. We focus on our character and stay grounded to our values regardless of the situation, even when it hurts. Clarity and open communication marks how we serve clients, and we’ve seen how it continually fosters thriving partnerships.

We’ve found that humility partnered with a desire for excellence creates an environment where people rapidly grow. Each one of our teammates is committed to personal and professional growth, and it’s out of that growth mindset that we partner with clients.

Our team’s core strength lies in the premium we place on each and every relationship, whether it’s a client, community partner, or team member. We love to get to know our clients and are always finding ways to come alongside them to help further them on their journey in business and in life. Each team member is deeply committed to the local community; you’ll probably spot at least one of us at local community events, if not serving in an active role.

Finally, we cultivate a culture of celebration. We love to celebrate team wins, and consider client wins to be our very own victories. Creative solutions are sought out, and we work synergistically as a team to meet each client’s unique and diverse commercial real estate needs. And then we celebrate with them as they see their goals become reality.

Work With Us



At Thrive Commercial Partners, we value providing our clients with every resource that a diverse and highly qualified team can offer. Each team member is highly motivated to deliver excellence every time; team meetings are often spent on how to go the extra mile, and envisioning the very best client outcome in each diverse situation.

Thriving presupposes continual growth. This works out well for our team; we are all voracious learners who are on the lookout for new opportunities to hone our professional knowledge as well as to think creatively in our field. Our brokerage team includes members of the Southern Colorado Commercial Brokers Association (SCCB), which Logan serves on the Board of. Members of our brokerage team are also a part of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Finally, we partner with the city’s efforts with COSSBA (www.cosopenforbiz.com) to make Colorado Springs the #1 most business friendly city in the United States.

Another key resource Thrive Commercial Partners brings to the table is the personal experience of owning property as well as of starting new businesses. Our clients relax when they realize that our team truly knows what we’re talking about – not only from our highly qualified expertise as broker advisors, but also from our personal experience of the joys and challenges of getting a business off the ground and navigating the challenges of property management.

For example, Sam and Helen have started and successfully operated three companies, all of which are still in operation, and love to bring that entrepreneurial energy to the table with new business owners and tenants. All four partners own commercial property, and bring that perspective and experience to bear when they sit down with property owners. Sam also offers over a decade of experience in consulting and real property tax appeals & abatement services. Finally, our combined decades of experience in the office, retail, industrial, multi-family and land development sectors of commercial real estate enable us to serve virtually any client looking to buy, sell or lease.

We consider it an honor to give back to the Front Range Community, which is exemplified by numerous board and leadership positions and closely knit community ties. Our partners currently serve on the boards of the Springs Rescue Mission, The Table Initiative and are actively involved in Fostering Hope Foundation. We have provided real estate advice to many non-profit organizations, including NC Foundation, Compassion International, Christian Care Ministry, Mexico Outreach, International Students Inc., Focus on the Family, Young Life and many more. This has provided our team with invaluable experience and insight into long-term community growth as well as the non-profit sector.

Cultivating space for people, businesses and communities to thrive.

Cultivating space for people, businesses and communities to thrive.

We want to see you thrive. When you first meet with a Thrive partner, chances are they’ll ask you what truly matters to you. We want to know your story to then together create opportunities toward your success. This isn’t just something we talk about with clients – each team member is committed to continual self-growth in every area of life. We work together as a team to cultivate a culture of thriving, and then extend that to every client and partner.

We are value aligned. Integrity and fidelity to our values is everything to our team; it’s something that we simply won’t compromise on. Our team puts a premium on trust, both internally as well as in every client interaction; we work together to earn your trust by doing the right thing every time.

Sustainability. Simply put, we’re in it for the long haul. Our team is invested in helping reach it’s full potential, and view every client as a part of that growth. When we begin a client relationship, we envision your success not just for the next year or two, but decades down the road; we love to set our clients up for long-term success. Our high client retention and referral rates reflect this value.

We love learning. You might even call us commercial real estate nerds. We prefer the term, “life-long learner”. For our team, constantly learning looks like attending every workshop and continuing education seminar we can get our hands on, staying up to date on current market trends and being heavily involved in local and national commercial real estate associations.

We’re connected. Our extensive network spans far and wide, with partnerships and positive affiliations in the local brokerage and property management communities as well as the Downtown Colorado Springs Partnership, local non-profits, and the Southern Colorado Commercial Brokers Association (SCCB). We also have relational networks out-of-state and out-of-country, with a history of connecting owners and developers with just the right tenant or buyer, even if he or she happens to be an ocean away.

We get results. Our track record, client loyalty and long-term partnerships speak for themselves. We’re steadfastly committed to excellence every step of the way. Happily for our clients, that’s translated into substantial and consistent market success.